I am not alone

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I am free. Free to choose. Free through Christ, because he has called me to this freedom. Christ, the door to freedom. Christ, the Savior, the Deliverer. His spirit lives in me.

I am God's dwelling place, his temple, his home. I am forever connected to him. I am a living stone of God, built in Christ into a spiritual house. I stand firm and unshakable on the rock.

I am harassed, but not overwhelmed by fear. The Lord is my support. I am not alone. The Lord is my helper and my advocate. I'm not fighting a lost cause. The Lord is on my side. I am brave and strong in him. I will not burn in the fire. Don't drown in the water streams. I won't give in. I am an overcomer, held in his hand.

I am not at a loss, for the Lord is my counselor. I am not disoriented, Jesus knows the way, Jesus is the path I am on.

I am not defenseless, the Lord is my invincible fortress, I can find shelter in him. I'm not abandoned. The Lord is at my side. Always. I am not alone. The Lord is in me. Always. In me. Always. Christ lives in me. The hope. The strong. The merciful one. The smart one. The all-rounder. That's why I can do whatever he asks me to do because he enables me to do it.

I am blessed with every spiritual blessing. I am destined to be fruitful. I am destined to produce good fruit.I am destined to conquer land. I am designed to wear the armor of God. The enemy comes in one way, but he will flee from me in many ways. I am a winner because Christ the Victor is in me. I am a member of Jesus' body. I am here on earth in his place and in his name. To bring honor to his name. To honor his name. To make him famous. He is of immeasurable importance, and He is the one who gives me meaning.

Author: Gabriele Waechter

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