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Collision with serious injury

    Deutsch         English Winter 1966. We were on our way home. It was already dark. The streets were without traffic, when suddenly a truck appeared. It blinked right, but did not move. We could not brake in time with our transporter. We crashed into the back of the truck.  I crashed with full force with my stomach on the dashboard, which had a buckle. I could hardly breathe. For me as a little boy, the ride to the next hospital has been very scary, because I was struggling for air.  The paramedics tried to reassure me. Immediately after arriving at the Hospital I was operated, because a ruptured liver of 8 centimeters has been found. In 1966 a ruptured liver of this size was almost a death sentence. The doctors were fighting for my life. I have been clinically dead. They tried to retrieve my life and they finally succeeded.  That night my family came together for prayer. All shouted fervently to God for help. My mother rang a long time with God, she did not want to l

Healing from Lymph gland cancer

    Deutsch         English It was 2003. In our busiest time my mother was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and barely escaped with her live. It was difficult for me to be in the stage of her disease so far away. I live with my family in Germany and my parents lived in Norway. I kept thinking of her, praying for my mother and suffering with my parents.  Twice I took free for several weeks in order to be with her. I visited my mom in the hospitals, bought for her and did everything to land a helping hand. She was very weak and my father was desperate. Half the world prayed for her and actually after a terrible year with unspeakable suffering, the situation changed. It was a miracle that the cancer disappeared, although my mother was so weak that even the chemo had to be aborted. However, in all the time I had a supernatural peace and certainty in my heart that my mother would survive.  Each man is destined to die once. My mother was allowed to see their grandchildren g

Three year old boy crossed the federal Highway

      Deutsch         English Year 1995. We wanted to walk with our 2 youngsters in germany Bad Cannstatt. Andre the oldest son was the fastest by putting on the clothes. In good humor and full of enthusiasm Andre was driving ahead with his vehicle - a children's tricycle. At once the enterprising Andre completly was disappeared. Immediately i called the Police and my whole Family. Also neighboring shops and a petrol station was asked to help.  First without succes. Only after more hours an employee of the petrol station found the outlier Andre. The three old Andre unceremoniosly crossed the federal highway B14. Two trafficlines on the left side and two trafficlines on the right side and in the middle two trafficlines of the tram. Andre want to reach the trainstation.   Without protecting hand of god Andre had not survived this trip.  Author: Heidi und Kay Waechter


    Deutsch         English Sermon by Melanie Kundt Forgiveness that heals (hurting hurt people)  I am not preaching the following because I am perfect in this area, quite the contrary. I preach this subject because I realize that my heart itself needs nourishment and needs to be taught. And I know that many hearts here are also suffering and need help in this area.  It's about forgiveness.  You couldn't imagine how much I wanted to avoid this sermon topic, how many times I explained to God that maybe another topic would be better. As you can see, this topic is quite a challenge for me.  I used to think the topic of forgiveness was only for those who were very badly hurt by people, experienced abuse in some way, or had a tough past, but now I know that people can feel hurt very quickly.  Opportunities to be hurt await us every day: in the family, in marriage, in the neighborhood, in the busy traffic, with our children, at work, in the community, in friendship

Bus accident with railway

    Deutsch         English 1972 - We were on the school bus on the road, the bus driver was in a hurry. I saw approaching a train, 300 meters before we had to cross a one unguarded railway crossing. The bus driver gave full throttle. I was scared to death because i knew that's a disaster. I looked to my companion and said, "That's it now!"  And already the locomotive pierced in the back of the bus. The bus was ripped open and i saw the front of the locomotive in front of me. The locomotive bored until shortly before my nose through the metal, then finally stopped.  I blacked out, I fainted and when I woke up was all the smoke around me. The engine of the bus was in full swing and could not be stopped. The exhaust gases penetrated directly to us. Now I saw the seats. They were moved. There was no center aisle in the bus. We had difficulty and seriously injured we fighting over the seats forward. Back there was no escape.  Some eyewitnesses at the railr